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Homework 30.03.17

Year two children have been given last years test papers to complete. We suggest that these are done independently to begin with so that you can see where your child does well and where they might need more support at home.

In class Noah, we have been learning about time. I have asked the class to keep practising this at home. Once children can read the time independently, move onto reading digital clocks, can they convert the time from a 12 hour to 24 hour clock? Ask them questions about time and encourage problem solving.

Over the holidays, I am encouraging the children to  keep a diary of their Easter adventures to share with the class when we return.

Finally, thank you for your support and I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Easter.


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Easter Egg Hunt!

The school council arranged an Easter egg hunt for us on Tuesday and we really enjoyed it! We were told that there were some eggs hidden around the playground and we had to locate them. We also had to find a range of letters.

We didn’t know what the letters were until we found all of them and worked as a team to put them together – it said Happy Easter! We also found a prayer on our hunt which we read at the end to help us to remember what Easter is truly about.

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Evacuee Experience

We all had a fantastic time yesterday on the evacuee experience! We travelled back in time and became real evacuees – Mrs. Wade and Mrs. Armitt were extremely impressed with everyone’s costumes!

We arrived at Woodcocks’ Well, where we were greeted by Ada Davies and went into the picturesque church where we sorted out items to put into our suitcases. We looked at old money  and talked about rationing, we also took part in a gas mask drill.

We were listening to the wireless, when all of a sudden the sirens sounded! We had to evacuate from the church as quickly and safely as possible, then we went down into the air raid shelter. Whilst there, we tried to drown out the noise of the bombs by singing some songs. Eventually, the all clear was given and it was lunch time!

In the afternoon, we visited Congleton Museum where we listened to Mr. Pegley who talked about his experiences during WW2. We thought that this was extremely interesting and the adults were very impressed with how well we listened. We asked Mr. Pegley lots of questions and he commented that we were asking some really interesting things; some which he had never been asked before – he was very impressed with us! We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Congleton Museum for organising such a fantastic day out!


Have a look at the photos of our adventure!

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Inspirational speeches

For our WW2 topic we have been learning about Sir Winston Churchill. We have researched and presented facts about his life and today we listened to some of the famous speeches that he made. We focussed on vocal tone, facial expression, body movements and discussed why his speeches gave people hope.

We were excited to write our very own speeches based on how we can be successful in the classroom. Mrs. Wade and Miss. Sheard were very impressed by the speeches we made and they commented that they were very inspirational. Mrs. Wade was particularly impressed with how confident we were when performing them to the rest of the class!

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Homework project 27.02.17

I would like class Noah to research what life was like in our local area during WW2. They could answer questions such as:

  • How did the local area change during WW2?
  • Was the local area bombed?
  • Were any evacuees sent to the local area?

I have explained to children that they can collect and present the information that they discover in any way they choose. This could be going to the library, interviews, internet or perhaps a visit to Congleton museum. It could be presented in a powerpoint, a leaflet, poster, video – it is entirely up to them!

Children will be presenting these WC 27th March.

Happy researching!!


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This afternoon we have been learning all about coding.  We went on Purple Mash and used codes to instruct the fish to move around the aquariums in different ways – we had a great time!

Mrs. Wade reminded us that we can continue to explore Purple Mash at home.

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Just a reminder that children’s homework each week is to read at least 3 times to an adult, learn spellings and practice times tables.

After the half term break children will be tested weekly on their times tables and spellings.